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We believe football is for everyone and that’s what makes it a ‘beautiful game’

​Marsh Ravens is a non-profit football club co-founded in 2021 by Sarah Drummond and Jo Pearson on Hackney Marshes. 

Sarah and Jo wanted to create a club that was fun, inclusive and removed barriers to women, non binary and trans people of all genders playing football.

We believe football is for everyone and that’s what makes it a ‘beautiful game’. 

We are a no judgement football club, open to anyone no matter their age, ability or previous level of experience. We’re especially excited to welcome people who have found it hard to get involved in football due to their age, race, sexuality or gender. 

We know football improves not only physical health, but also contributes to positive mental health and a sense of connection and community. We place the value of football on everything that goes on beyond the game, we just happen to play some good football in between it. The people, the friendships, the moving together, the getting out of the house, the celebrations and the pats on the back. It’s all part of being in this club and playing together. 

We are Marsh Ravens FC and we’re open to everyone.

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